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Seri Lokakarya Manajemen Lingkungan Terintegrasi (I):

Environmental Management Performance Evaluation (EMPE) based on ISO 14031 & TQEM (ISO 14001+)


A. Background

Environmental management is a set of activities of planning, organizing, and moving human resources and other resources in order to achieve the determined environmental policy objectives (ISO 14001, 1996). EPE ISO 14031 is quantitative environmental performance evaluation system with consideration from the environmental interested parties / customer as the indicator choosing main element.

Total Quality Environmental Management (TQEM) is quality or performance based environmental management system that focuses to environmental protection based on customer satisfaction measurement. TQEM emphasizes to Pollution Prevention / Cleaner Production towards Zero Waste with involving all the organization elements. With moving beyond regulatory compliance / beyond compliance, accordingly the process of Environmental Added Value could always be expedient on the first place. TQEM is a form of inefficiency elimination concepts that resulted from pollution cases, that because pollution is a form of defects that must be removed on the beginning of process. Company that wants to move beyond compliance, accordingly, is suggested to choose this TQEM way.

Benefits from TQEM implementation are surely many of them, thus there are so many world class companies had choosen this way of thinking. Among others are Xerox, Volvo, 3M, P&G, STMicroelectronics, ICL, Bristol Myers Squibb, Du Pont, etc.

The beyond compliance environmental management practices such as describe in above explanation, in order to goes well, need kind of guidance or road map so that the continuous improvement process could walks together, integrated with company's core business activities. This kind of guidance takes form of Environmental Management Performance Evaluation (EMPE), which combines the quantitative EPE concept with qualitative measurement of the currently happen environmental management condition.

This EMPE concept is generally practiced by many companies especially in USA and Canada, by using TQEM CGLI or Green Zia framework, that both based on Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award (MBQA), since 1994 and 1998. They did it voluntarily because of the system has proved to bring improvement in the end-process and in-process environmental performance and business performance that are meaningful in supporting their business activities. The benefits of using this EMPE measurement method is also as comparison tool / benchmarking between company's internal facilities, motivator for the employees, and able to became map indicator, and guidance to continuous improvement processes oriented to integrated business and environment.

In Indonesia this EMPE concept has been tried by the author in couple of manufacturer companies with result congruently with our condition and quiet satisfied, so that its implementation and development potential externally would not get much problems.


B. Objectives

This Environmental Management Performance Evaluation (EMPE) based on ISO 14031 and TQEM training program is specially designed to help develop new perspective, knowledge, and skill of the participant in developing the appropriate environmental management performance evaluation system that is congruent with his organization business system.


C. Time and Method

30 session (@ 45 menit) or full 3 days length