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1. Bio-data :

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2. Publication / Paperworks:

Currently I am working on private national environmental management consultant and have some modules on Corporate Environmental Management Training, that ready to be delivered to any company or organization who interested, as Consultant or Trainer (see their Outlines below).

3. Training and Advisory

1. Lokakarya 1 (2 days)
Understanding and Implementing Environmental Performance Evaluation (EPE) - ISO 14031:1999

2. Lokakarya 2 (3 days)
Understanding and Implementing Strategic Corporate Environmental Management to Achieve Sustainable Development Enterprise

3. Lokakarya 3 (3 days)
Preventing and Reducing Waste through Implementing Cleaner Production

4. Lokakarya 4 (4 days)
Understanding dan Implementing Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004

5. Lokakarya 5 (4 days)
Audit of ISO 14001:2004 (based on ISO 19011:2002)

6. Lokakarya 6 (1 day)
Awareness of ISO 14001:2004


4. If you're interest is in Environmental Management and Environmental Strategy to make the world a better place to live in and also profitable, than you're in the same perception with me (:)). Otherwise, or just comments, you should contact Mr. Andie .

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Andie Tri Purwanto

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