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All articles in the PDF form, you need to have the Acrobat Reader first in order to be able to read the articles. There are so many sites offering that Acrobat Reader. Please make sure you already have one.

All articles are in Bahasa Indonesia. You may copy or distribute the materials below under my permission, as long as you cited or mention the source. Otherwise you've violated the copyright and I won't take responsibility for the consequencies in the future.


  1. Manajemen Lingkungan: Dulu, Sekarang, dan Masa Depan, (Environmental Management: Past, Present, and Future) (214 kb, 28 pages) is about general description of Environmental Management practices from around the world in the past, present, and alternatives of how to anticipate its development in the future.

  2. TQM and TQEM, (840 kb, 32 pages) is about more description about TQM and it's development to general TQEM, how to implemented it, its benefits, and examples of the world class companies that have implemented this system.

  3. Audit Lingkungan, Self-Assessment, dan Gap Analysis, (52 kb, 9 pages) is about short description on what is environmental audit, self-assessment, and gap-analysis, and how to establish these activities.

  4. Pengukuran Kinerja Lingkungan, (Environmental Performance Measurement) (406 kb, 25 pages) is about description of concepts of measuring environmental performance, how to measure performance quantitatively and qualitatively, and examples of organization that have practiced some forms of performance measurement

  5. Strategi Komunikasi: Nilai Tambah Lingkungan Dalam Bisnis, (Communication Strategy: Environmental Added Value to Business) (156 kb, 25 pages) is about description of the concept of environmental added values communication strategy to other stakeholder (internal and external) in business environment. Bottom line communication strategy, some tips on how to communicate effectively from the environmental professional side. Also some examples of environmental communication practices from many recognized companies around the world.

  6. Perubahan Budaya, Kepemimpinan, dan Modal Virtual Organisasi: Sebuah Pengantar, (Culture Changes, Leadership, and Organization's Virtual Capital: An Introduction) (118 kb, 22 pages) is from my collection on change management literature, short description on what is organization's virtual capital, culture, what should we do if we want to change it, and how leadership could playing role in these efforts. And also some tips on how to transform organization successfully from the well-known world management experts.

  7. Perangkat Manajemen Lingkungan (Environmental Management Tools) (118 kb, 21 pages) is some brief explanation on environmental management tools (CP, LCA, DfE, Supply Chain Management, Environmental Accounting, Industrial Ecology, Activity Based Costing).


These below articles available for professional use only, if you interested, you could contact Mr. Andie...!.

  1. Metoda Keuangan Untuk Profesional Lingkungan: Akuntansi Lingkungan dan Activity Based Costing (ABC) (Financial Methods for Environmental Professional: Environmental Accounting and Activity Based Costing (ABC))
  2. Strategi Optimalisasi Nilai Tambah Lingkungan Pada Bisnis (Optimizing Strategy of Environmental Added Value to Business)
  3. Metoda Cleaner Production: Pendekatan Sistem TQEM (Cleaner Production Method: TQEM System Approach)
  4. Metoda Pengukuran Kualitas Manajemen Lingkungan: TQEM CGLI (Environmental Management Quality Measurement Method: TQEM CGLI)
  5. Evaluasi Kinerja Lingkungan (EPE) ISO 14031 (Environmental Performance Evaluation (EPE) ISO 14031)


Seminary Articles:

  1. Penerapan Balanced Scorecard Sebagai Indikator Komprehensif Pengelolaan Sumber Daya Alam - Lingkungan Hidup (16 pages) (Balanced Scorecard Implementation: A Comprehensive Indicators in Environmental and Natural Resources Management), presented in Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta, October 2003.


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