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Journal 1 :

Analysis of ISO 14001 Influences on Environmental Performance Indicators of Manufacturer Companies Using Developed ISO-14031 EPE Model

(Case study : manufacture companies of X and Y)


Andie Tri Purwanto dan Joko Siswanto
Laboratorium Studio Manajemen Jurusan Teknik Industri ITB

Abstract :

Environmental Management System ISO 14001 has implemented by many of Indonesian enterprises. The reason behind this among others is because they believed they could use it to anticipate change challenges in the future, and also used it as one tool to improve enterprise internal system. Has been mentioned by many researcher that with all the strengths and weaknesses, ISO 14001 still has potential to bring company to achieve sustainable working condition in its business activities. But how far that ISO 14001 could contribute in this company efforts, was not clear enough.

This research was about to analyze the threats, benefits, and disbenefits that the company has dealt with and the employees felt when and after the implementation process of ISO 14001, by using Environmental Performance Evaluation (EPE) ISO 14031 model.

In fact, environmental performance indicators appeared in either quantitative and qualitative forms, both in types of in-process and or end-process. They complemented one to each other, so that we couldn't based our opinion only by using one single type of indicator, either it is quantitative or qualitative.

Environmental Performance Evaluation (EPE) ISO 14031 had used these 2 types of indicators (lagging and leading). With using this model on measuring the implementation impacts of Environmental Management System (EMS) / ISO 14001, we could examine more deeply the influences and impacts of ISO 14001 implementation.

The ISO 14001 impacts after been researched in 2 different location of manufacturer companies, has came to conclusion that it tend has positive dominantly influences on its leading indicators compared to its lagging indicators. It showed us that the role of ISO 14001 is more as a foundation of environmental management system than as a guidance to better environmental performance. Therefore if company wanted to achieve better environmental performance and moreafter to achieve sustainable working condition, it would dominantly depend on company's deep understanding of environmental vision, strength of environmental management commitment, and environmental management tools understanding.

Keywords: ISO 14001, EPE ISO 14031, TQEM, Environmental Management, Environmental performance indicators


This journal has been ready to published on Industrial Management and Engineering Journal, in Bandung Institute of Technology on September 2002.